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Camps/Conferences And Field Trip Insurance

  • To request coverage, fill out the RM05 request form and forward to the Risk Management Office.  This form needs to be submitted the month in which the program starts.
  • Submit a roster of names, addresses and parent information once the camp has started. 
  • To submit a claim, fill out the RM26 American Income claim form and forward to the Risk Management Office.  Camp counselors or faculty need to sign the form.
  • Arrange for the appropriate medical treatment. 
  • Medical facility should be told that the American Income Life policy is primary to any other medical policy.  All medical invoices should be forwarded to the Risk Management Office.  All questions should be directed to Rochelle Hines in the Risk Management Office at 765-494-7695.

Coverage Breakdown and Pricing

*provide only for those covered activities lasting 24 consecutive hours or more.

Accident Medical Expense $15,000
Accidental Dental Expense $1,000
Illness Medical Expense $5,000*
Loss of Life $5,000
Double Dismemberment/Loss of Sight Both Eyes $7,500
Single Dismemberment/Loss of Sight One Eye $3,750
Specified Diseases $3,000

NOTE: There is a minimum charge of $4.00 per camp.

Girls/Boys Basketball Camps WL $1.75 per person per day
Football WL $1.75 per person per day
All Other Sport Camps WL .70 per person per day
Athletic Day Campus – Regional Campus .40 per person per day
Academic & Summer Camps – Resident .45 per person per day
Field Trips .45 per person per day
Upward Bound Program .90 per person per day
Recreational Summer Day Camps .30 per person per day