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  1. Conduct that constitutes harassment or violent behavior, including sexual abuse, sexual assault, hazing or bullying, is not tolerated:
    1. Anti-Harassment (III.C.1)
    2. Violent Behavior (IV.A.3)
  2. Access to program activities must be made available to all participants with accommodations provided as appropriate: Equal Opportunity, Equal Access and Affirmative Action (III.C.2).
  3. The possession or use of alcohol and other drugs (including medical marijuana), is prohibited: Alcohol- and Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy (C-44).
  4. The possession or use of fireworks and any type of firearm or dangerous weapon is prohibited: Regulations Governing the Use and Assignment of University Facilities (IV.B.1).
  5. Misuse or damage of Purdue University property and theft of property, regardless of owner, will not be tolerated: Regulations Governing the Use and Assignment of University Facilities (IV.B.1).
  6. Smoking is prohibited in any University building. Further prohibitions on the use of tobacco products are stated in each campus’s policy:
    1. Calumet: Smoke Free Campus Policy (PDF)
    2. Fort Wayne: Tobacco and Smoke-free Campus Policy
  7. North Central: PNC Smoke/Tobacco Free Policy (PDF)
    1. West Lafayette:  Smoke Free West Lafayette Campus (WL-5)
  8. Anyone operating a vehicle in conjunction with a program sponsored by a unit of the University must be an Authorized Driver in accordance with the policy on Use of Vehicles for University Business (IV.A.1).